Healthcare and Aged Care

Healthcare Fire Safety

EQuIPNational Guidelines – Standard 15

Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS)

“Provide documented evidence that an authorised external provider undertakes a Full Fire Report at least once within each EQuIPNational cycle (every four years)”. The person preparing the Full Fire Report should; have experience and/or a qualification that includes:

  • Building Fire Safety Risk mitigation
  • Be familiar with the BCA
  • Be external to the organisation

We can inspect your buildings and supply a written report for ACHS.

Fire Safety in Health Care Facilities – PD 2017

Healthcare Annual Fire Safety Statement

“The EPA Regulation requires an Annual Fire Safety Statement to be issued by or on behalf of the owner of a building…… The statement shall detail that all Fire Safety Measures have been assessed by a properly qualified person and found to be operational and fit for purpose…… “. They are then to be displayed in each of your premises

We can conduct the AFSS on all of your buildings and prepare the documents for submission

Aged Care Fire Safety

Special Risk Facilities

We  specialise in looking after Aged Care  establishments, from residential care homes to retirement villages. Call us to discuss handing over you legal concerns to our fire safety practitioners. 

We can offer you:

  • Prioritised Service
  • On-Call attendance if required
  • Annual Retained Service Provision
  • Fire Safety Training for Staff 
  • Proactive advice on special risk facilities.

We have vast international experience with Fire Safety in Residential Care.