Healthcare and aged care fire safety

We have a long history with fire safety in Health Care and Aged Care buildings. Talk to us about how we can help you to achieve Accreditation for your buildings.
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Fire Safety in Healthcare

Fire Safety in Healthcare is governed by several guiding documents including – Fire Safety in Health Care Facilities – PD 2010_24

Health-care building means a building whose occupants or patients undergoing medical treatment generally need physical assistance to evacuate the building during an emergency and includes:
(a) a public or private hospital; or
(b) a nursing home or similar facility for sick or disabled persons needing full time care; or
(c) a clinic, day surgery or procedure unit where the effects of the predominant treatment administered involves patients becoming non-ambulatory and requiring supervised medical care on the premises for some time after the treatment.

Hospitals and all facilities providing care, especially non-ambulant care, must meet certain standards in fire safety. We are specialists in Healthcare Fire Safety and have international experience in providing Fire Protection for these types of buildings and occupancies.

Aged Care fire safety

Aged Care Fire Safety

We  specialise in looking after Aged Care  establishments, from residential care homes to retirement villages. Call us to discuss how we can take over the fire safety responsibilities of looking after your vulnerable occupants and building assets.

We can offer you:

  • Prioritised Service
  • On-Call attendance if required
  • Annual Retained Service Provision
  • Fire Safety Training for Staff
  • Proactive advice on special risk facilities.

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