Evacuation Diagrams

These are plan drawings that are posted inside your premises and show the way to safety. They must be of a certain size, be legally compliant and meet certain standards. Make sure that your diagrams are legally compliant, rather than just scribbled on a lined page of A4 paper.
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AS3745 – Evacuation Diagrams

AS 3745 requires that “Evacuation diagrams that provide emergency and evacuation information shall be displayed in all facilities.”

We can draw up your evacuation diagrams from existing ‘as built’ drawings, or create them from scratch.

The plans will be produced:

  • In correct orientation to their location
  • In A3 or A4 (A3 Recommended)
  • Showing all Designated Exits
  • Showing Comms. Equipment if any
  • Showing Fire-fighting equipment
  • Showing any Refuges
  • Bearing a Validity date
  • Showing the Assembly Area
  • Showing a Legend

Fire Evacuation Plans will need to be updated or replaced on Change of Use, Layout or Structure. Also don’t forget that a new Development Application (DA) from the Local Council will be required on any of the above circumstances.

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